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Lessons in investing – Day 2

How to protect our hard earned money from inflation? We all know that we need to invest otherwise, the inflation will eat up the whole money. But the question is where should we invest? bonds, stocks. The bonds generally have... Continue Reading →


Lessons in investing – Mutual funds

Mutual Funds  A large number of people pool their money into a single basket in order to purchase investment instruments which are known as AUM(assets under management). The pooled money makes up the mutual fund. These instruments are managed by... Continue Reading →

Lessons in investing – Day 1

Difference between an investment and a speculation Investment is one which involves analysis and ensures the safety of principle along with appropriate returns. When does speculating takes place? Typically, speculation takes place either when you speculate not just as a... Continue Reading →

Lessons in investing – Understanding income tax for freshers

You might have started working just like me and might be wondering how much income tax will you be paying and if there is any way around it to optimise it. The first step is to know how is income... Continue Reading →

The paradigm of knowledge -Limiting our beliefs.

So, today I was reading a book - "The Black Swan" by Sir Nassim Nicholas Taleb which talks about the events that were never anticipated until they actually happened.  The people before 30 years would have never imagined of smartphones... Continue Reading →

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

Takeaways from the book - You should be shameless to admit if you do not know something and be eager to understand it. Sometimes we assume too much in advance, all we need to do is ask. A bad apology... Continue Reading →

A short immersion into Japanese lifestyle

Recently, I went to Japan for a short period of 10 days as a part of Sakura Exchange Program. It was my first foreign trip and I was in complete awe of the geographical and culture shift I witnessed. I would... Continue Reading →

The Penultimate Semester

I have been thinking for quite some time to write about this. A little background before I start - we have to complete eight semesters for our undergraduate degree. I have completed seven with one left now. So, I am... Continue Reading →

Deciphering the black money – One piece at a time

    On 8th November 2016, PM Modi in his composed voice announced demonetization policy and the aam citizens and the active netizens of India lauded the move. It was only until when they had to stand in long queues... Continue Reading →

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